Sharking Target Tapes is now defunct.

v. sharking Archaic
Obtaining by deceitful means.
Practicing or living by fraud and trickery.
The act of pulling up a woman's skirt and then pulling down her underwear, without the woman's permission or prior knowledge.

Get Hard - "The Doctor" c20 ST-10, $7 ppd SOLD OUT
I made this tape before/in the early stages of when I got sick, and never released it due to my illness, but now it is finally officially available. 20 mins of disturbing power electronics, limited edition of only 30 copies. Doctor = vocals, patient = electronics. This final release marks the conclusion of the Sharking Target Tapes label. Not for the weak.

$7 ppd, send orders to:
jakevreeland [@]

Chong Li - "The Skull Crushing Action!!" c20, ST-007, $7 ppd

An anomaly in the STT family. Recorded the summer of 05, released in very limited edition cd-r in 06, Chong Li is back in full explosive, bone crunching force. If powerviolence and fruity loops techno got to fucking, their aborted fetus would sound something like CHONG LI. Uppers-fueled cranial discharge splattered across tape, listen to high with extreme caution! Sample clip available. Limited to 40.
ST-006 surprise coming soon!
Amp-Arm / Get Hard - "Split" c20, ST-005, $7 ppd SOLD OUT

AA brings on the Connecticut dead noise and over-/under-blown garbage electronics, huge range of sound flippin on a dime. Get Hard is fully erect on this one, super spun out, oscillator-penetrating harshness. Sample clip of Get Hard's side available. Just fucking buy this one. Limited to 30. Out of stock

Get Hard - "Fucked By a Bullet" c20, ST-004, $7 ppd SOLD OUT

Inspired by genocide. Depressing. Makes you want to pull the trigger. Limited to 25. Out of stock
Get Hard - "Floppy Disk" ST-003 $4 ppd SOLD OUT

Scathing super high-end, the sound a train makes slamming on the brakes. On a fucking floppy disk! Sample clip available. Limited to 20. Out of stock
Get Hard - "October 09" c60, ST-002, $7 ppd SOLD OUT

Swirling, thumping, brooding, waves of volume rise and fall, dronish. My dad saw this tape and now thinks I'm gay. Limited to 35. Out of stock
Get Hard - "Army Man Dick" c30, ST-001, $7 ppd SOLD OUT

Droning, depressing, low-ended, slow moving. The soundtrack to sitting around thinking about killing yourself. Handmade case. Limited to 10. Out of stock

Text Catalog:

ST-001: Get Hard "Army Man Dick" c30, $7 ppd Out of stock
ST-002: Get Hard "October 09" c40, $7 ppd Out of stock
ST-003: Get Hard "Floppy Disk" $4 ppd Out of stock
ST-004: Get Hard "Fucked By a Bullet" c20, $7 ppd Out of stock
ST-005: Amp-Arm/Get Hard "Split" c20, $7 ppd Out of stock
ST-006: cancelled
ST-007: Chong Li "The Skull Crushing Action" c20, $7 ppd
ST-008: cancelled
ST-009: cancelled

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